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“I bring reason to your ears…and hold up truth to your eyes.”
Thomas Paine,
December 23, 1776



Labor Relations

“Unions are a by-product of a bad relationship and can devastate a Company and its employees,” states Peter List, Kulture’s Founder & CEO. Today, when employees flirt with the thought of unionizing, the problems generally stem from a lack of two-way communication within the organization. Unfortunately, union organizers are trained to manipulate employees’ emotions, which lead employees to falsely believe that unionizing is the only solution to their concerns when it is not.

“We believe that communication is a major factor in the breakdown of the relationship between employees and their employer,” says List, “and that is the first thing we try to restore on behalf of our clients.”

During a union organizing campaign, both the employees and their employer find our services of great value because we provide an invaluable service to both—that is providing an education in what unionizing actually means to employees—what it is and what it is not.

Our Team. Kulture’s labor relations team is a group of highly experienced professionals in the field of employee and labor relations. Our consultants have many years of experience in either having been former high-ranking union officials or having dealt with unions as labor relations executives. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to every client situation—from union organizing campaigns to labor disputes.

Our consultants have been involved in hundreds of union organizational attempts in the private and public sectors, involving workforces that range from 10 employees to 19,000 employees in such industries as airlines, cable television, commercial printing, construction, emergency services, food and beverage processing, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, telecommunications, warehousing and distribution, as well as waste handling.

Kulture’s Labor Relations Services include:

  • Supervisory/Management Training
  • Employee Education During Union Organizing Campaigns
    • Exposing the Truth About Union Organizer Tactics
    • Education on the National Labor Relations Act
    • Labor Union Rules
    • Collective Bargaining—what is & is not
    • Labor Disputes—the impact on employees
  • Implementation and Execution of Strike Preparation Plans
  • Corporate Campaign Services
    • Preemption Strategy
    • Media Planning & Execution
    • Internal & External Communications

Some Important Facts to Know About Union Representation

We invite you to e-mail us with questions about our services or general information. Should you have questions of a legal nature, you should contact your labor counsel directly. If you do not have labor counsel, we work with many of the nation’s top law firms and would be happy to recommend some to you in your area.

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